About Us

Chalet Publishing was born while Audrey was swimming.  Lap after lap she kept asking where the quilting stores were and how to plan her trip to them.  As she completed her last flip turn, she pondered if others also had the same curiosity. Audrey Swales Anderson is the CEO of Chalet Enterprises which encompasses Chalet Publishing and the Quilters' Gift Shop.   The love of handcrafted quilts and needle crafting grew out of the need to decorate her lovely Swiss Chalet house that was built in 1887.  Audrey is joined in most of her endeavors by her loving husband Marlow Anderson as well as four furry friends:  Leo, Burt, Gauss and Cayley and our two new office cats, Cauchy and Blaise

Their favorite hobby (and the main reason the answering machine kicks in) is SCUBA diving.  Over the years Audrey has been underwater for over 1000 dives in some of the most exotic places in the world.  Their next major trip is planned for Sipadan Island off of Borneo.






In January 2001 Chalet Enterprises expanded to include Tom Culp.  Tom does most of the website, CD, graphics management and logistics for Chalet Enterprises



On July 7, 2008 Jack Murphy became a member of Chalet Publishing's staff.  Jack took over Lisa's position and he is a great addition to our small office.





Since the Quilters’ Travel Companion is the authority on quilt shops in North America, we thought you might want to do some shopping while at home.  This web site encourages customers to browse at all times of the day or night.  By having some of the book’s information on-line, we can also offer new shops a quick way of reaching potential customers between publications.    Let us know if you can think of other features that we should be adding. 

You are probably wondering how the book gets done.  We start with a mailing to all known quilt shops in January of even numbered years.  Information, requests, emails, calls and faxes start flying around Chalet Publishing from January until April when the book goes to Johnson Printing in Boulder, CO.  A proof arrives later in April and many nights are spent pouring over the nitty gritty details of all the shops.  Finally, several large pallets of books are dropped off mid May.  We all join together at the new warehouse of Chalet Publishing to repackage, stuff and ship the books out, hopefully arriving at your doorstep early in June of 2008.  Then Audrey goes diving!

On November 1st 2008 we opened our the Quilters' Gift Shop with our books and gifts for quilters.  We hope you enjoy your browsing here.

Thank you for your support.